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Public Member Functions

 ~AttributeCollection ()
 Destructor - it also deletes all Attribute instances it contains (no need to handle this outside of the class)
void Set (OpenGraphtheory::XML::XML *attr)
 Adds an Attribute (taken from an XML structure) to the collection.
AttributeAdd (std::string name, std::string type)
void WriteToXml (OpenGraphtheory::XML::XML *xml)
 Saves all Attribute instances to an XML structure.
void Clear ()
 Removes all Attribute instances and deletes them.
void Unset (std::string name)
 Removes an Attribute from the collection and deletes it.
void operator= (const AttributeCollection &attrs)
 Copies all Attribute instances from the given AttributeCollection instance.
bool HasAttribute (std::string name)
 Query whether the collection contains an Attribute with a given name.
AttributeGetAttribute (std::string name)
 Get the Attribute that has the given name. More...

Static Public Attributes

static OpenGraphtheory::Factory< AttributeAttributeFactory
 Registers the AttributeInstantiator in the Factory immediately when the library is loaded.

Protected Attributes

std::map< std::string, Attribute * > Attributes


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