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OpenGraphtheory::Algorithms::AlgorithmPATH Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void Run (Graph &G, std::vector< std::string > parameters)
void AddPath (Graph &G, Vertex *from, Vertex *to, std::string pathname)
std::list< std::pair< Vertex *, Edge * > * > FindPath (Graph &G, Vertex *from, Vertex *to, VertexFilter *vertexfilter=NULL, EdgeFilter *edgefilter=NULL)
VertexSet ForwardReachableVertices (Graph &G, Vertex *from, VertexFilter *vertexfilter=NULL, EdgeFilter *edgefilter=NULL)
VertexSet BackwardReachableVertices (Graph &G, Vertex *from, VertexFilter *vertexfilter=NULL, EdgeFilter *edgefilter=NULL)
VertexSet WeaklyReachableVertices (Graph &G, Vertex *from, VertexFilter *vertexfilter=NULL, EdgeFilter *edgefilter=NULL)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenGraphtheory::Algorithms::Algorithm
void RunInThread (Graph *G, std::vector< std::string > parameters, ConditionVariable *threadFinishedSignal=NULL, Thread **FinishedThreadRegister=NULL)
virtual bool SuitableFor (const Graph &G)
virtual bool CanGuaranteeApproximationDistance (const Graph &G, float MaxApproximationDistance)
virtual bool CanGuaranteeCorrectnessProbability (const Graph &G, float MinCorrectnessProbability)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Thread
void Terminate ()
bool TestTermination ()
void Join ()
void Lock ()
void Unlock ()
bool TryLock ()

Protected Member Functions

VertexSet ReachableVertices (Graph &G, Vertex *from, VertexFilter *vertexfilter=NULL, EdgeFilter *edgefilter=NULL, bool positive=true, bool negative=false)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenGraphtheory::Algorithms::Algorithm
void RunThread (void *parameter)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Thread
void Start (void *parameter, ConditionVariable *threadFinishedSignal=NULL, Thread **threadFinishedRegister=NULL)

Static Protected Attributes

static MultiFactoryRegistrator< AlgorithmAlgorithmPathRegistrator

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from OpenGraphtheory::Algorithms::Algorithm
static void RunParallel (std::set< Algorithm * > algos, Graph &G, std::vector< std::string > parameters, float MaxApproximationDistance=1.0, float MinCorrectnessProbability=1.0)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from OpenGraphtheory::Algorithms::Algorithm
static MultiFactory< AlgorithmAlgorithmFactory
- Protected Attributes inherited from Thread
Mutex mutex
bool Started
bool Termination

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