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Public Member Functions

 GraphObject ()
 GraphObject Constructor (abstract base class for Graphs, Vertices and Edges)
virtual ~GraphObject ()
 GraphObject Destructor.
void Clear ()
 Remove all attributes.
int GetID () const
 Accessor-method for reading IDs.
std::string GetIDString () const
AttributeAddAttribute (std::string AttributeName, std::string AttributeType)
AttributeGetAttribute (std::string AttributeName)
void RemoveAttribute (std::string AttributeName)
std::string GetLabel (std::string Name="name", std::string DefaultValue="")
 Accessor-method for reading labels.
void SetLabel (std::string Label, std::string Name="name")
 Accessor-method for writing labels.
float GetWeight (std::string Name="weight", float DefaultValue=0.05f)
 Accessor-method for reading weights.
void SetWeight (float Weight, std::string Name="weight")
 Accessor-method for writing labels.
float GetCapacity (std::string Name="capacity", float DefaultValue=0.0f)
void SetCapacity (float Capacity, std::string Name="capacity")
int GetColorClass (std::string Name="color")
void SetColorClass (int ColorClass, std::string Name="color")
Coordinates GetCoordinates (size_t minCount, std::string Name="coordinates")
 Accessor-method for reading coordinates.
void SetCoordinates (const Coordinates &coordinates, std::string Name="coordinates")
 Accessor-method for writing coordinates.
void WriteToXml (OpenGraphtheory::XML::XML *xml, std::string IdPrefix)
bool LoadFromXml (OpenGraphtheory::XML::XML *xml)

Static Public Attributes

static Factory< GraphObjectGraphObjectFactory

Protected Member Functions

 GraphObject (int ID)

Protected Attributes

int ID

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