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OpenGraphtheory::Visualization::VectorND Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 VectorND (int size)
 VectorND (const std::vector< float > vect)
 VectorND (const VectorND &Copy)
VectorNDoperator= (const VectorND &Copy)
float operator[] (unsigned int index)
VectorND operator+ (const VectorND &Sum) const
VectorND operator- (const VectorND &Diff) const
void operator+= (const VectorND &Sum)
void operator-= (const VectorND &Diff)
float operator* (const VectorND &Prod) const
VectorND operator* (float Prod) const
VectorND operator/ (float Div) const
float Length () const
VectorND Normalized () const

Static Public Member Functions

static float Distance (const VectorND &a, const VectorND &b)

Public Attributes

std::vector< float > vec

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