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02History and Showcase
03Howto: Download, compile and run
04Howto: Write your first, Open-Graphtheory based Application
If you are wondering what is shown in the intro:
Seven bridges of Königsberg The first graph-theoretic problem
Leonhard Euler The inventor of graph-theory, solved the seven bridges of Königsberg problem
Knight's tour One of the first graph-theoretic problems
Max Friedrich William Bezzel Inventor of the 8-queens puzzle
8-Queens puzzle One of the first graph-theoretic problems
Sir William Rowan Hamilton Inventor of the hamiltonian path problem
Dodecahedron The first instance of the hamiltonian path problem
Dénes König Fundamental work in matching-theory
Karl Menger Fundamental works on the relation between connectivity and disjoint paths
Kazimierz Kuratowski Fully characterized planar graphs
K_5 and K_3,3 The two fundamental non-planar graphs
Alan Mathison Turing Inventor of computability and complexity theory
P One of the most interesting complexity classes
Konrad Zuse Inventor of the programmable computer
William Thomas Tutte Groundbreaking work in graph factorization
Delbert Ray Fulkerson Fundamental work in network-theory
Lester Randolph Ford, Jr. Fundamental work in network-theory
Joseph Kruskal
Robert Clay Prim
Edsger Wybe Dijkstra Dijkstras Algorithm
Claude Berge
Jack Edmonds Groundbreaking work in matching-theory and network-theory
Laszlo Lovasz
Stephen Arthur Cook Inventor of polynomialtime-reductions and the complexity class NP
NP The most interesting complexity class there is
Richard Manning Karp Edmonds-Karp Algorithm and
Bjarne Stroustrup Inventor of C++ and pioneer in object orientation
Richard Matthew Stallman Founder of the Free-Software movement
Neil Robertson Groundbreaking work in minor-theory
Paul D. Seymour Groundbreaking work in minor-theory
Bruno Courcelle Courcelle's Theorem
O(f(k)*p(n)) Definition of the running time of an FPT algorithm
FPT The most important, parameterized complexity class
XML A widely used file-format for attributed trees
Jörg Flum
Martin Grohe
People I would have included, if I had pictures: Markus Frick, Paul Erdös
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